The Ober Family


"I was in a need of a little help for my kids for Christmas. I didn't think it was possible since I lived so far away. I got way more than what was expected to receive."

Kris N. - Volunteer


"I was looking for an organization to volunteer my time that was in my community when I found Caring Hearts In Action MN. Volunteering has been a perfect fit for me."

I’m able to help others when I have time in my day and then get to see via Facebook all the wonderful stories and videos of how people are being blessed! 

Absolutely wonderful!  

I am looking forward to continuing to help this group grow and thrive! 

The McKenna Family


A super big shout out to all that have made this Christmas one a joy of happiness. We are so thankful and blessed to have all of you help us in our time of need with toys and house hold items even bringing us food and a real Christmas tree.

Thank you all once again so much for making this Christmas a great blessing!!

Escaping Abuse


*Melissa and Cara are a mother and daughter who fled Oregon to escape an abusive relationship. They came to Minnesota and found a home to rent but they had nothing. 

They contacted Caring Hearts in Action for help. We drove a truck and trailer filled with furniture, clothing, toys, Christmas presents, a Christmas tree and food. The trip was 145 miles, one way. Cara was only 2 and she was bouncing around so excited to see those presents, a dollhouse with dolls and that Christmas tree. 

Through our mission, we were able to save Christmas for this family and bring joy back into their lives.               

*names changed to protect our clients.

A Veteran Rebuilding



I met *Roger in a homeless shelter. He was down and out feeling hopeless, I sat and ate with him at the shelter. We had a pleasant conversation and I found out that he was working on getting into a place and that he just needed to fill out the proper paperwork. So I gave him our business card and told him to contact us when he found a place. 

A month later, I got a call asking for some assistance. Caring Hearts in Action, MN was able to help this veteran with furniture, TV, digital converter box, DVDs, clothing, kitchen/bathroom supplies and enough food to "feed an army." He started with nothing and now has everything he needs to get back on his feet. 

He was so grateful and the hope was restored in his life. Now that he is settled, he can begin rebuilding his life. From down and out to hope. This is the mission we share. To build each other up and remind us that we are not alone in this world. 

*name changed to protect our client.

Mary Canada, Founder

Caring Hearts in Action, MN

Family Seperated by Homelessness


*Bethany and Frank were living in a homeless shelter for over a month. Their 3 children were living with their grandma because there were no family shelters available. The children were separated from their parents while they found an apartment. 

Once they secured a place, they contacted us. Caring Hearts in Action, MN was able to bring them toys, clothing, furniture, food, household supplies. Now they can concentrate on getting back on their feet instead of worrying about how to get the basic necessities taken care of. 

*Names changed to protect our clients.